May 082020

Household Waste Updates

Household Waste Recycling Centres

The County Council is reopening its household waste recycling centres from Monday 18 May at 8am.  All seven sites in Oxfordshire will be open seven days a week from 8am until 4pm and will be accepting all waste materials normally accepted.  

To allow for social distancing the number of vehicles allowed onto the site will be reduced by approximately 50 per cent. This means that queues are highly likely, especially at peak times such as weekends. Traffic marshals will be in place to manage queues, which are not allowed on the public highway. Please only visit the sites if your trip is essential and you cannot safely store your waste at home. There is more information and some FAQs on the County Council’s website at

Extra Garden Waste Collections

If you’re a garden waste customer, this weekend’s the perfect time to get your lawn, flower gardens and vegetable patches in tip top condition as we’ll be collecting one extra bin load of garden waste after the bank holiday.  A bin’s worth of waste is considered around three large bin bags, and should be left next to your brown bin on your usual collection day during: 

  • Week commencing 18 May