Jun 142021

Statement from Lorraine Lindsay-Gale

Dear Parish Councilors and Residents,

I was very disappointed to be defeated at the recent Local County Council Elections, and I’d like to thank all those who have been in touch to express their shock, anger and sympathy. I understand and accept the reason why this happened, the huge building programme that will hit this area’s Green Belt soon, and the deep-seated anger felt by residents who will be affected by it.

I have worked extremely hard over the past twelve years to protect our communities from such threats as gravel extraction and the OXCAM Expressway, and as a Cabinet member to protect and provide many of the services that we all rely upon such as education and our libraries.

I would like to thank all those people who supported me, and who helped me during the campaign, and say how sorry I am that a fourth term is not to be. I look forward to becoming involved in serving our communities in different ways in the future.

Lorraine Lindsay-Gale

11 June 2021